Hot Beverages
Greek Coffee 3,00€
Double Greek Coffee 4,00€
Filter Coffee4,00€
Nescafe / Decaf Nescafe Instant 4,00€
Espresso / Espresso Decaf 3,00€
Double Espresso 4,50€
Corretto espresso (with Greek Grappa)4,50€
Cappuccino / Cappuccino Decaf 4,00€
Double Cappuccino / Cappuccino Decaf 5,00€
Cappuccino with Whipped Cream4,50€
Caffé Latte5,00€
Irish coffee7,00€
Tea (selection of flavors) 4,00€
Hot Chocolate4,50€
Cold Beverages
Nescafe Frappe (Ice coffee instant)4,00€
Nescafe Frappe with Ice Cream (Ice coffee instant)6,00€
Nescafe Frappe with Baileys (Ice coffee instant)6,50€
Freddo Espresso 4,50€
Freddo Cappuccino5,00€
Cold Chocolate4,50€
Fresh Juices
Orange Juice 5,00€
Mixed Season Fruit Juice 7,00€
Banana Frulatti (cold milk with banana)5,00€
Banana Frulatti (cold milk with banana and Greek Honey)5,50€
Fruit Juices4,00€
Soft Drinks & Water
Soft Drinks (coca cola, coca cola light, sprite, orange, lemon soda, tonic, soda) 3,50€
Red Bull 5,00€
Ice Tea (Lemon / Peach) 3,50€
Bottled water 0,5 lt 0,50€
Bottled water 1,0 lt2,00€
Sparkling water 0,3 lt 3,50€
Sparkling water 0,70 lt4,50€
Yellow Donkey (Limited edition Blonde beer from Santorini) Bottle 0,33 lt6,00€
Red Donkey (Limited edition Red Ale beer from Santorini) Bottle 0,33 lt6,50€
Crazy Donkey (Limited edition Indian Pale Ale beer from Santorini) Bottle 0,75 lt16,00€
Nissos Pilsner (unpasteurized, low production, brewed and bottled in Tinos island) bottle 0,33 lt5,00€
Fix Dark (Greek) Bottle 0,33 lt5,50€
Heineken Bottle 0,33 lt4,00€
Alfa Weiss Bottle 0,50 lt6,00€
Sol Bottle 0,33 lt6,00€
Classic –Smoked turkey, gruyere cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise6,00€
Salami – Greek Salami, Greek type of cottage cheese, rocket, smoked red peppers 6,50€
Veggie –Sour soft cheese from Ios, smoked red peppers, rocket, beetroot, parsley - scented olive oil6,00€
Toast with gruyere cheese and smoked turkey or ham4,50€
Cheese and cold cut Platters
Greek Cheese Platter 16,00€
Cold cut Platter 16,00€
Greek Yogurt, Milk & Fruit Salads
Yogurt 3,50€
Yogurt with Greek Honey and Nuts5,00€
Yogurt with Fresh Fruits6,50€
Milk or Yogurt with Corn Flakes / Oat flakes5,00€
Fresh Fruit Salad7,00€
Fresh Fruit Salad with Ice Cream8,50€
Butter Croissant 2,50€
Chocolate Croissant 2,50€
Ice Cream / Drinks with Ice Cream
Ice Cream
1 Scoop / 2 Scoops / 3 Scoops 3,00€ / 6,00€ / 8,00€
Every extra Scoop 2,00€
Milk Shakes 8,00€
Greek version of Cheese Cake – mousse of “katiki” (soft goat cheese) on rusk bread and sweet cherry tomato marmalade 9,50€
Iced mousse of “Greek Halva” in a homemade sesame biscuit, topped with carrot – ginger sauce 8,00€
Chocolate brownie with cranberries made with olive oil, with caramelized nuts and mango sorbet 9,50€
Baklava – layers of phyllo dough, nuts and syrup served with Greek yogurt ice cream8,50€
Bitter chocolate mousse with mandarine marmalade and framsoise foam 8,00€

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