Assyrtico opens in the early hours. The comfortable sofas and large tables, the shade and breeze from our trees, the free Wi-Fi, the high quality coffee made by our baristas, our breakfast and snacks, our appealing desserts and ice-creams, make it an ideal hangout.

Our breakfast menu is lavish and the choices vary. The common element is the freshness of our ingredients. Enjoy homemade marmalade, Greek yogurt with various toppings, original omelet recipes -like this year’s healthy omelet with egg whites, muesli, cinnamon and honey- and sandwiches made with various ingredients. We wish to satisfy all tastes and respond to all our international customers’ demands. That is why we offer a wide selection of coffees. We also entice them to sample new flavors such as Greek coffee, “frappe –ice coffee”, espresso freddo and cappuccino freddo!

You can relish our Greek cheesecake, the chocolate brownie and the Iced mousse of Greek halva, or our bitter chocolate mousse and our baklava with Greek yogurt ice cream; all of them are also perfect to have with your coffee of choice. Loyal to our traditions, our ice cream label is always Greek.


Assyrtico offers full menu for take away all day long. Contact as at: 30 22860 22463.

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